Who We Are


Who We Are

by katietrotter

Our Values

We are a husband and wife team who believe in strengthening communities by empowering the non-profits that serve them.

A head for business, a heart for community.

  • Because the work of non-profits is critical to the health of the communities they serve – and we can do something to help.
  • Because many non-profits have the need to strengthen their organization, but have staff that is already stretched too thin.
  • Because it’s difficult to afford the on-going financial expense of full-time staff who have experience and a high level skill set.
  • Because we thrive on using the art and science of business and non-profit success to bring practical solutions to your organization.
  • Because we recognize that each non-profit is unique and deserves to have creative, effective, tailored plans that can be carried out within their current capacity.
  • Because we get up every morning excited to see how our head for business and our heart for community can better serve those around us.

How We Got Started

In 2012, Jonathan left his corporate job, and I (after much soul-searching) left my job as a Non-Profit Executive Director because we wanted to live life differently. In 2015, we moved from Washington DC to a small rural town in Northern Michigan, where we continue to do work that we are passionate about. We home-school our daughters (that’s a whole different conversation…), and are continuing to enjoy the adventures that life brings. We love using our skills and experience to strengthen the organizations that we partner with and are committed to bringing the same values that we use in our lives to the projects that we take on.

The Team

Katie Trotter

Katie has a decade of experience in the non-profit sector and specializes in project leadership, facilitation, and volunteer development. Her work as a consultant spans strategic planning, fundraising, and grant writing, and her professional work experience covers an even greater expanse as she served in executive leadership roles for a variety of 501c3 organizations, assisting in start-ups, leading and fulfilling major grant-funded projects, and providing executive director leadership in a large non-profit setting.


Jonathan Trotter

Jonathan has almost 20 years of business experience and specializes in strategic planning, operations and finance. Along with his time spent at Goldman Sachs & Dow Chemical, Jonathan spent 8 years flying jets in the U.S. Air Force and is still a member of the Michigan Air National Guard. He has proven success at designing businesses, building strategic relationships and business development.