Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

by katietrotter

OP-ART’s portfolio ranges from experiences with non-profit organizations to small businesses to private partnerships to public companies. Each experience is combined with creative and strategic thinking to best fit the needs of the client. OP-ART offers a diverse array of services. We pride ourselves in our creative thinking used to design strategies, campaigns, and operations that achieve mission-critical results.


Experience: Grant and Project Manager

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Experience: Event Manager

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Experience:  Strategic Planning and Fund Development

Community Action

Experience: Data Analysis and Developing Non-Profit Health Reports


Experience: Our Community Listens Professor

“Not only is Katie poised, authentic, straightforward and trustworthy,  she has a way of navigating and facilitating discussions that allow people to be open and honest, while still producing content/actionable steps that move the project forward.  Her investment in the organization, stakeholders and community is an all-in approach, genuinely connecting to achieve the best possible outcomes.  Katie’s project management skills have proven successful time and time again, assuring timely completion, meeting deadlines, and tracking progress along the way.” – Beth Roszatycki, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. (MiHIA)

“Op-Art Consulting made planning our fundraising event a breeze! Katie presented new ideas for the board of directors on how to streamline our process and get new donors to the table. She executed the project management functions timely and kept our committee on task. More importantly, she was a pleasure to work with and we were very pleased we retained her. The event was “sold out” and we raised our goal of $125,000 and went beyond by $4,000. We also raised over $18,000 in direct-dollar contributions to the iCan Bike program, which was a first.” – April Sawhill, Executive Director,  Down Syndrome Association of Western Michigan

“After 34 years as an educator, and 7 more as a Human Resource Manager, I consider myself a very good communicator; but Katie and Jonathan Trotter are special.  They taught me additional new skills in their recent OCL course that I can easily apply to enhance both my personal and professional relationships. Katie and Jonathan are a perfect example of the concept of Synergy.  They are very good individually, but even better as a team. Not only did they know the course content very well, but they delivered it in an easily understandable format, using appropriate real-life examples to support the learning process. Katie and Jonathan have the ability to assess their audience, and adjust their presentation accordingly to maximize relevancy and understanding.” – Mike W, Our Community Listens Participant