A head for business, a heart for community.


A head for business, a heart for community.

by katietrotter

We provide a wide range of services to strengthen your organization, your board of directors and your staff. From Strategic Planning to Event Management, and everything in-between, we have the skills and experience to help your non-profit succeed.

Strategic Planning

Never had a plan? No problem.

Have a plan that needs updated? No problem.

We are experts at strategic planning and will  guide you and your board through the strategic planning process.  The end result will be a measurable Strategic Plan accompanied by practical implementation tools.

Fund Development

Are you tired of constantly chasing dollars?

No clue how your organization will float next year?

Let us work with you on developing a comprehensive Fund Development plan that targets multi-level donors, special events and donor relations.

Grant Management

As you know, successful grant management starts long before the grant is awarded.  Effective grant design, strategic planning and program development are essential elements for successful grants management.  We can help, or do it for you.

Group Facilitation

We provide facilitation in a variety of situations; including focus groups, strategic planning sessions, and meetings where emotions are running high and a third party mediator may be helpful.

Employee Training

Whether your organization needs a refresher or a complete on-boarding process built from scratch…we’ve done it. We have experience with New Employee Orientations, Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Trainings, Diversity Workshops, Budget 101 Trainings, and Communications Class. Additional topics can be covered as well.


Volunteers are critical to the success of non-profits. We are experienced in building and implementing volunteer programs that focus on recruitment, training and retention. Recognizing that staff hours and budgets are limited, we work hard to provide simple, effective tools to strengthen your volunteer program.

Leadership Development

Whether you have a new ED, a recently promoted manager, or have hired someone who is new to the non-profit culture, we can offer support and mentoring. We assist leaders with topics like staff supervision, building and understanding budgets, and how to organize/structure their days. Support can be offered for short-term or on an ongoing basis.

Event Management

Huge event on the horizon and not enough time?  

We can assist…or run the entire event for you.  We’ve managed multiple large annual events for non-profits and taken the burden off staff, so they can focus on other tasks to keep the organization running smooth.

Board Development

Do you have board members that aren’t sure of their role?  Are you looking for ways to structure your board to be more efficient/effective?  We can assist with board training, board recruitment, and establishing board expectations.

Short & Long Term Project Management

If you have projects that need to be managed, but employees are completely booked, we can help. We manage short term, long term and ongoing projects.

Organizational Health Assessment

Do you realize that your nonprofit needs help but aren’t sure where to begin?

We can work with your team to identify the key strengths and areas for improvement within your organization. Based on the findings, we can help develop a detailed plan of attack for your non-profit.