About Us


About Us

by katietrotter

Op-Art (Operational Art):

  • The application of creative imagination and thinking
  • The creative thinking used to design strategies, campaigns, and operations that achieve mission-critical results
  • Combining the art (strategy, innovation and vision) with the science (data and operational capacity) of non-profits.  

The ART of Simple

Many organizations already have staff with full plates and limited budget dollars. This can make the idea of new projects feel overwhelming. We believe in providing project work that is incredibly effective, measurable, and simplistic. It will be easy to implement within your current capacity, not on the capacity you hope to have in 5 years.

The ART of Relationships

Relationships are incredibly important to us in both our personal and professional lives. As your partner, we respect the uniqueness of each organization and work hard to make sure you feel heard and understood before jumping into the project. We don’t’ have cookie cutter plans…we value the unique skills, experience and situation of each organization, board and staff. We will also be trustworthy, respectful, responsive and prompt…because we all have our pet peeves.

The ART of Adventure

Both of us share a love for new projects and challenges. We bring energy, unique perspective, and extensive experience to the needs of your organization. We love doing what we do because each organization we work with is different. The unique challenges and projects are what drive us…we are not your grandpa’s consultants.